Friday Coffee Break 01.05.18

Lets have a coffee break.png

Happy First Friday of the New Year! 

How are you feeling about this first week of 2018? I know the first week of the new year can be difficult for so many reasons.  It's still very cold and dark outside, and many of us are coming down from the holiday madness.  These Holidays never quite feels like they did when we were younger and that's always painful.  Maybe you went back to work this week and even if you do like your job heading back after a break this time of year is a challenge. 

If any of that's the case I hope you've been gentle with yourself and filling your down time with lots of self-care.  Please remember self care isn't selfish, it's necessary.  If you're dreaming up any fun projects, books or business ideas then I sincerely hope that whatever projects are at the forefront of your mind, what ever goals you're trying to achieve that you chase them and chase them hard.  Don't wait to do the things you want to do, but make sure that what you're doing is bringing you joy.  I hope your journey right now is a bright and beautiful one.  That's my New Years wish for you.  

I've got a round up of all sorts of goodies I found online this week.   Let's dive into today's five things shall we?

1) Maia Dery's Wave's to Wisdom Podcast Interview with Surfer and structural Engineer Lena Gabeler.   Maia Dery is one of our wise women.  I adore her and her waves to wisdom podcast is fantastic!  I got to listen to this episode about a structural engineer from Germany who realized she needed more surfing and balance in her life while I was trying to stay warm on a 6 mile run.  Lena now takes 4 months off a year to surf.  How's that for work life balance inspiration?

2) Susannah Conway's Instagram Account.  @Susannahconway is a blogger, photographer, aunt and cat mom.  She's creative and spiritual and wise.  I've been participating in her January Instagram challenge #Gentlejanuary2018 and really having a lot of fun with it.  

3) The Price of Being Single.  This Ted Ideas article is spot on.  While being single is not my long term goal and I don't see myself as "single at heart" the way the person this article is about does, but I do very often feel the discrimination of being single.  Very interesting read and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one (especially if you're a single gal too).

4) Envision Your Best Year.  Is more than half full and only has 7 spots remaining so if you want in register soon! 

5) Looks aren't everything.  Believe me I'm a model.  This Ted talk by Cameron Russell is a great reminder of many things.  It's the kind of message I need to be reminded of over and over and over.  Maybe you do too?  

If you've enjoyed this round up please share it with a friend and let me know what you liked the best.  Your feed back will help me make the next Friday Delight  even better!