Self Care Sundays: A Soak in the Tub


Dear One, 
Do you get the Sunday Blues?  If you're working a job you don't love, that doesn't fill you up then I would bet Sundays and especially Sunday evenings might be a tough time for you.  Even if you do have a job you love but are working 8am-5pm Monday thru Fridays, then chances are Sunday can still be a tough day.  

That's why I've decide to create this series "Self Care Sundays".  I'll run a post every Sunday with a low key idea for slowing down and taking a much needed self care break.  I'll run this series through January, if you like them I'll keep them up.  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think, if it was helpful or not.  

Today's Self Care Sunday idea is A Soak in the Tub.  If you've had enough of this arctic blast a hot bath will not only help you get warm it will help you relax into the week ahead.  Here are some ideas of things to gather to help make your soak feel extra indulgent, but even if you don't have them purely hot water and a good book will do the trick

1) Light a candle or two
2) Place a few crystals around the ledge of the tub
3) Add a cup or two of lavender epson salts
4) Maybe pour yourself a glass of wine
5) Turn on your most soothing music
6) Grab a good book or magazine
7) Add Bubble Bath
8) A facemask
9) Leave the cell phone off or in a different room
10) If you live with others ask them to not disturb you for at least 20 minutes