Creativity Tool Tuesday: Setting up your space

Creativity Tool Tuesday Setting up your space.png

Carving out a space for your creativity is vitally important in supporting your creative habits.  Having a work space that flows well for you makes developing healthy creative habits easier to implement and maintain.  Creativity doesn't just flows into us through random bursts of inspiration.  Sure that happens once in a while, but 95% of the successful artists and creators you know are honing their magic through consistent practice.  Having a space that works for you that you enjoy and crave sitting down in daily is a life line to developing a creative habit.

I stayed with my parents for a week over Christmas and unlike when I'm at home, there wasn't a spot in the house I could go work in that fit my needs.  My needs include a cleared table away from distractions and most importantly silence.  Without a quiet space to myself for work I felt paralyzed with the inability to write blog posts, send simple e-mails or even keep up with my beloved morning pages.  I can't blame the space entirely I do suffer from time to time with a little undiagnosed seasonal affective disorder that can be very compounded by situational events and that was at part in play.  Not having my own quiet work area was like death to my creative practices, and frankly my work in general.    

Do you know in what environments you personally work at your best? Everyone has a different working style.  For me bright clear work spaces that include coffee and silence are best.  I prefer no one near me while I work even if they stay mostly silent (the only exception is if I've worked too many days alone, then I start getting lonely, co-working spaces can help counter this feeling).  The key is knowing what type of environment you work best in and then setting up your space in the way that will work best for you. Some people need noise and chaos to work.  I have a brilliant friend who likes to listen to music while he works and Einstein's office was basically a pigpen, remember to each their own.  Make sure you know what you need and then begin setting up your space in the way you need it.  

You might not be able to devote an entire room or table to your creative endeavors, I recommend starting small.  Find a little corner of a room with ascetics you like and enjoy being in.  Clear away the clutter (unless the clutter helps you work).  Decorate the area with items that bring you joy, sayings, candles, crystals, pictures, maybe put up your vision board.  Make the space as enjoyable to sit at as possible, then of course, get to work.  Next time I go to Toledo I'll be sure to book some time in their local co-working space and take a pair of noise canceling headphones with me.  Live and Learn right?

Let us know what you need in your work space to make sure your creativity is flowing.  You might inspire others with your tools.