Coffee Break 02.02.18

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Happy Friday! 

This week has been full of possibility, connection, and women! I'm still vibrating and high off the first Wise Women Wednesday Panel we had on Wednesday at HQ.  

Never forget that you are a wise woman too and you have so much to share!  Now is the time for you to step into your power as a woman and never forget that your power comes from within, but other Wise Women can reflect it back to you when you've forgotten just how powerful you really are.  

Any guys out there reading, don't forget we both have masculine and feminine energy and sometimes it's a good idea to embrace the divine feminine that we all carry. 

Here's a roundup of the 5 things I've been up to or into this week.  Grab a cup of joe and take 5 with me.  

1) Krista Tippett interviewed Mary Karr.  I loved this interview and I didn’t even know who Mary Karr was.  I’m itching to read one of her books now.  I don't normally listen to On being but I was in the car driving to Winston early last Sunday morning and this interview kept me company. 

2) Wise Women Wednesday Panel.  I can't stop thinking about the connection, power, and authenticity in the room during this week's Wise Women Wednesday Panel.  If you missed it you can watch it here.  The video is about an hour.  Let us know what you enjoyed most! 

3) Calming and relaxing guided meditation.  I really enjoyed making you this meditation.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.  

4) In the company of women next session starts February 15th.  You can register for it here.  This is what people are saying about it.  "We left there with this level of connection that made you feel like you could go out and accomplish anything and the momentum was there and sustainable because you knew you had this team of people behind you.  Every time we came to a session it was a risk-free environment to support each other so you shared exactly what was in your heart and you shared your story and it was accepted.  Alisha opened us all up to ourselves in a completely different way." -Victoria Brownlee
"Every female that I meet is craving exactly that tribe of ladies that has your back, and you can really be honest with.  Walking into a house for the women that are there, in silence, for me you would think I would be uncomfortable but I felt like could breathe.  I could walk in and breath and be comfortable. if you feel like you want to meet strong women that you can be vulnerable with, that's the environoment to do it" -Jordan Lacenski

5) Instagram account I'm loving is @busy_clickin  Kris put up some stunning photos of Downtown Greensboro this week that I adored.  Check out her page.  

Thanks so much for being a part of the Yoke and Abundance Community. Y'all rock my socks off and I'm honored you're reading.  
Lots and lots of love,