Pure Barre March Challenge Who's In?

Alisha at Pure Barre

There’s a wonderful, but indescribable quality about a challenging workout early in the morning that not only seems to start my day on the right foot but also helps me feel anchored, grounded and ready to tackle the whole day!  A good morning workout has benefits that last the entire day!  I’m particularly fired up this morning because I joined a full class of women at Pure Barre Greensboro at the bright hour of 6 am to begin my day with a workout.  Earlier in February, I told you about how I’m partnering with Pure Barre Greensboro for a few months to write about my experience in exchange for a membership.  You may have caught two of the articles that I’ve written in the past month “Get outside your comfort zone” and “A slight beat off”.  I know the last title is a bit questionable, but it got your attention right? They will give you an idea of what the experience has been like for me so far.  

Group exercise outside of yoga has never really been my thing, so I’m surprised that I’m enjoying Barre as much as I am.  I think it’s because I felt and saw immediate results after the first class.  To the outside eye, you might not have seen the results, but I’m telling you my muscles felt different even after the first class.  I’ve slipped into a bit of a new addiction with these classes.  I find myself mapping out my week Sunday night to make sure that I not only include my run on the calendar but importantly now Barre class as well.  

Another part of why I've loved this experience so much is because the barre community has been so friendly and welcoming!  They greet me with a friendly face, huge smile and bright hello every time I walk in.  I seem to make a new friend every class, and even when I'm off beat I feel like I'm a part of a very healthy whole!  If you're craving a fitness-minded community Pure Barre is more like a sisterhood than an exercise class.  Did I mention they even call you every week to check in on how your experience is going? 

I don’t always like the exercises we do in class, some of them downright hurt.  Not the kind of hurt where you know you’re doing damage, but the kind of hurt where you know you’re pushing it; after all, that’s the point.  It’s worth it because 13 classes in I’m stronger, my running feels better and honestly I’m feeling all around more confident in my body.  It doesn’t matter if there are physical changes that others can see, I know that I’m stronger.  My clothes feel better and I know I’m taking care of my body in a positive way.  What's strength, and confidence worth to you?  To me it’s everything and that's a big part of what I'm getting from Pure Barre. 

March 1st Pure Barre Greensboro is kicking off a March Challenge.  You can sign up by following the link (you have until Sunday to commit).  I'll be at the kick-off party on March 1st after class to talk about goal setting and goal meeting.  I'll be laying out and suggesting tactics on how to set and meet your goal for not only this personal challenge but also other goals and challenges in life.  What I love most about the March challenge that Pure Barre is doing, is that you set your own goal!  You pick how many classes you're going to take in the month and the point is to stick to your own goal! I'd love for you to join us for the challenge and the kick-off party!  Will I see you at the Barre?

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