A Slight Beat Off

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Health is one of my 5 core values and sometimes to keep exercise interesting I've gotta switch things up.  In an effort to try something new, I've been taking 2-3 Pure Barre Greensboro classes a week.  I'm loving how barre feels in my body, how I see and feel changes immediately and how it complements my other practices of yoga and running.  There is something about pure barre I don't like, but it's actually a reflection of me not a reflection of Barre.  What I don't like in the moment of looking in the mirror seeing the majority of the class in tandem is that I'm always a slight beat off.  

When I think about my unaccented way of moving through the world I'm not surprised that what brings me momentary discomfort is also one of my greatest strengths.  It's amusing to me that someone like me who loves physical movement, and dance can be so off.  I've always loved dance, I took ballet in grade school and did more than my fair share of musicals in high school.  Did you know I was also a dance minor in college?  Yep! Sure was and I was off beat in all my classes too.  Making sure I was on tempo with the rest of the dance team or cast has always taken extra work.  My body feels the offbeat more than it feels the beat itself.  

After an Empower class at Pure Barre this week where I got very frustrated with my inablity to synch up with the rest of the group, I promised myself that I would embrace that little girl in me who dances to her own beat.  That little girl dancing to her own rhythm is who made me the woman who moves just a little differently through life.  When I look at how hard it was to fit into corporate America I understand it's because my beat was different.  The summer between high school graduation and leaving for college a group of us theater kids wrote our own murder-mystery musical "hint" a take-off of the movie clue.   There was a song that required me to sing something in a very specific tempo and of all of our performances I only did it correctly once and I'm sure it was by accident.  Offbeat is who I am.  

Luckily for me being an entrepreneur requires that I become a disruptor.  It requires that I get creative and work to a completely different beat to stand out.  So later this week when I go to another Barre class and feel silly for working to my own beat I'll laugh at myself and remember what a significant gift it is that I'm a slight beat off.  

When do you find yourself a slight beat off?  How does it help you or hurt you?  And who wants to join me at the barre and be a slight beat off together?  Hope to see you there!