Coffee Break 03.02.18

Coffee break.png


Seriously happy Friday to you!  What Friday dreams and hopes are you nursing right now?  For me after what feels like a marathon few weeks I can't wait until around 7pm tonight when I'll be home, alone, wrapped in a blanket on my couch, reading in my introvert cocoon and hopefully going to bed at an ungodly early hour.  

For now, grab a cup of coffee and take a tiny break with me while we check out these 5 things.  

1) This modern love podcast "In the New Year, More Cuddling" Kinda broke my heart a tiny bit because I could relate to the writer and the need for hugs and every day touch. 

2) Dan Pink's Animated video on what motivates us really made me think.  Full disclosure the video is about 10 minutes (longer than a coffee Break). 

3) Jasmine Comer's Instagram account has me salivating! @livelymeals 

4) This article from Live Happy "Be real about how you feel"

5) The replay from this week's Wise Women Wednesday Panel is inspiring!  

Happy FriYEAH to all of you