Creativity Tool Tuesday: Creating a Happiness Box


One of my favorite magazines right now is Bella and Grace, and in their spring 2018 issue, they had an article about Happiness Boxes.  A Happiness box is a box of things that are meaningful to you, things you could pull out when you're feeling down that would lift your spirits.  This got my gears turning.  

A "true blue stuck like glue" friend was coming to town from OH for her birthday and we were going to spend a weekend in Wilmington.  I wanted to do something extra special for her birthday and this seemed like just the thing.  I knew I had the perfect box for this, a soft easter green box that I'd brought back from Paris in the summer of 2016 filled with macarons from Laduree.  It's a beautiful box and I've been saving it for something special.  I knew this was it! 

First) I started by flipping through magazines looking for sayings that reminded me of her or that I thought would inspire her and then I collaged them all over the box.  

Happiness box

Second) I scoured my favorite local shops for special things I thought she'd really like and would find super special, a rose quartz roller to put on moisturizer from Emerge Skin Therapy.  A Box of sayings, some charms, a tidbit from home state apparel to remind her where home truly is from Just Be.  Lip balm, bubble bath, chocolate, a journal, a candle, a few patches with cool sayings I'd picked up at Design Archives Emporium, washi tape and 100 blessings.  

Third) I carefully laid down tissue paper and then placed everything in the box as nicely as I could and folded the tissue paper over it and put the lid on.  

I wanted to create something super special just for her, and the bonus was that making this box was a hugely creative process for me.  I wonder if making the box brought me more joy than she got receiving it.  I think I'll be making more of these, I can picture ones for myself and others, each with a different theme.  

What would you put in a happiness box for yourself or for others?  

Happiness Box