Coffe Break 03.09.18

Coffee Break 03.09.18

Good Morning and Happy Friday! 

Are you ready for a coffee break?  I sure am.  Let's take 5 together.  

1) My Friend Christine has been thinking about this blog for almost 2 years and I'm glad to be able to share her first blog post with you here Patient and Empowered.  

2) I was inspired by this list of 33 happy acts.  

3) This Will Smith Video that Jordan Lacenski shared with me.  I want to say that each of you reading this inspire me and push me to do better every day!  Thank you for reading 

4) Are you running around crazy these days?  This blog post by my friend Betsy Bertram was a great reminder of the importance of slowing down Adventure to South Mountain

5) After the talk the Greensboro SheWolf team and I gave last night at Venture Cafe, I've been really mulling over the quote "Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours brighter".  I'm thinking a lot about how I can make the whole world brighter by shining a mirror on all those doing spectacular things.  

Happy Friday Everyone! 
I'm sending you all a virtual hug