Creativity Tool Tuesday: Take a Walk

Take a Walk

How do you recharge your creative battery?  What do you do when you've hit a slump in the day?  One of my favorite living legends is Julia Cameron and she prescribes a daily walk of at least 20 minutes, a weekly walk of at least an hour and one of those walks should be focused on gratitude.  

I'm a huge believer in "The Artist's Way", it's my personal bible.  Morning pages changed my life and continue to change my life.  Recently I've been feeling like I need to up-level.  Do you ever feel that way?  After a chance lunch with someone I haven't seen in many years she mentioned a book also by Julia Cameron called "Vein of Gold".  I was astounded!  How did I not know that my favorite creativity guru had another book on creativity?  I immediately got the book and over the weekend went to work on my new quest.  It's a personal vision quest of sorts.  I'm only in the first week, but the tool I'm implementing that's making the most impact right now is taking a daily walk.  

Julia Cameron suggests making a list of 20 things you want to manifest in your life and sticking it somewhere that you'll see often.  I made the list and stuck in next to my front door.  I read it to myself and then I go for my walk.  I might choose to walk to my co-working space instead of drive.  I might choose to drive to the lake and take a hike.  I put my phone away and think about what I'm manifesting in my life.  

I can't explain it, but it's magical. Walking is the most simple thing you can do.  I also like to think about my walk as a mediation, I like to walk fast, I like to feel my body move and heat up as I put one foot in front of the other, I like to feel the endorphins kick in a little while I'm walking, I like to feel the sun on my skin. It's normally in moments of walking that I feel the joy that is always present in my life.  It's on walks that I realize joy is always right there if I stop and pay attention.  Joy is always present and available to me.  That was something I realized on my walk into work yesterday.  Joy is right there, joy is always present waiting for me to acknowledge it, even if I'm feeling a little blue, joy is also present.  

After the positive psychology course I recently took, I know that exercise helps us build new neuropathways.  This makes sense that I have ah-ha moments while walking, that I can connect different dots.  A walk will help you clear your head, notice different things and have new ideas.  

Walking meeting anyone?

If anyone else is embarking on "The Artist's Way" or "Vein of Gold" and would like to join me in a weekly support cluster, shoot me an e-mail or comment.  It's always nice to have support in an endeavor like this.  Regardless, I suggest going to take a walk.