The Law of Attraction: Setting an Extra Plate

The Law of attraction: Setting an extra plate

When I was younger at my grandma on the farm’s house, when the family was gathering for holiday’s every once in a while an extra plate would be accidentally set for dinner.  My Grandmother would raise her index finger, point and say “leave it” and then the family would joke that this meant we would have unexpected company.  Every time an extra plate was accidentally set, we always ended up with an unexpected dinner guest, often a complete stranger.  

This popped into my mind this week because I’ve been thinking a lot about the law of attraction.  Thinking about how when I live and act as if I already am who and what I want to be and have, those things are, and they come.  When an extra plate was set at my grandmother’s table it was a signal to the universe that we are a family that welcomes others, even strangers on a holiday, a family that will share and give to someone we don't even know. 

I’m realizing more and more it’s really all about setting an extra plate.  I’ve set a goal for myself to book 1-5 speaking engagements a month for the rest of this year starting in May.  Even though I don’t have those speaking engagements booked yet I’ve got the topics ready and I’m building outlines, powerpoint decks, and presentations to let the universe know I’m already ready, I’m already a speaker, I only need to be plugged into the right places with the right audiences. 

I’m looking for all of the spots in my life to make room for the person I see myself as, the success I see myself having.  I want to set an extra place at the table for myself so to speak.  When I was little I wanted desperately to be an actress.  I did a lot of theater in highschool and what I loved most about it was getting to become a different character for even just a little while.  Over the last decade and a half I’ve wondered where all of that thespian energy went.  I wondered when my desire to act left me, but now I realize it didn’t leave, I get to act every day!  Not only do I get to act, I get to pick the role.  It’s like the notion of dressing for the job you want and not the job you have.  I’m assuming the role of a wildly successful Leadership, life and creativity coach and in the process of acting the part, I’m becoming the part.  

Where in your life do you want to set an extra plate?  What would you need to change or let go of in your life to become the version of yourself you most desire?