Join the Yoke and Abundance Ambassador Program


Join the Yoke and Abundance Ambassador Tribe!  Be a part of a very special group of women helping to shape the future of Yoke and Abundance.  

Would you love to work with a coach?  Have you been interested in yoke and abundance individual and group coaching programs but find the cost outside of your budget?  Do you love the events Yoke and Abundance produces on like the Wise Women Wednesday Panel, Annual year in review workshop, Meet-ups and lunch and learns?  We're looking for 6 Ambassadors to assist with workshops and panels over the next 6 months.  This is currently only a 6-month commitment.  

The Perks!  What's in it for you... 
* 40% off all individual and group coaching packages
* 25% off all Workshops (art journaling workshops, writing workshops, etc.)
* Access to a private Facebook Group for Ambassadors
* A Yoke and Abundance T-shirt
* A special coupon to share with friends and family to give them 25% off all individual and Group Coaching, and 10% off all workshops
* Wise Women Pendant and Bracelet
* Be a part of a special Yoke and Abundance tribe that meets once a month
* Lots of surprises just for you! 
* When Yoke and Abundance starts hiring you'll be the first group considered for positions

Your Energy exchange, What you'll give...
* Volunteer at the Wise Women Wednesday Panels (May 16th, June 20th, and July 18th).  Help Set up, woman the check-in table, woman the food and drinks, and help clean up and break down
* Help spread the word about all upcoming events (share the Facebook events and post about why you like or are excited about the upcoming events)  Share on Facebook, linkedin and Instagram. 
* Be active in the Yoke and Abundance Facebook Group Facebook page
* Offer feedback about events, and share opinions about events you'd like to see Yoke and Abundance produce.