Turmeric Latte for Today's Coffee Break?

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Happy Friday my dear! 

I hope your week has been as wonderful as mine!  Did you hear we reached our Kickstarter goal on day 6?! THANK YOU to everyone who's contributed.  You can still be a part of the Kickstarter fun and cash in on the fun rewards, all additional funds raised are going towards the marketing of the podcast which is the part that will help determine it's success.  

Here are this week's five things! 

1) I've been enjoying this Spotify Playlist of mine Cypress Girl Power.  

2) You know I've been loving the Lively Show Podcast, last week she had a podcast on the Scientific reason crystals work in our lives.  If you Crystals and wonder if it's just woo woo, this is a good one to check out. 

3) If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might know I got to experience the float tank at Sonder Mind and Body this week (go try it out if you're in Greensboro).  They served me a mind-blowing Turmeric Latte and you should go there and have one, but in case you're not in Greensboro, I thought you might want the recipe so I looked one up for you.  

4) I found this meditation on the insight timer very very helpful.  My good friend Bonnie sent it to me, the way the speaker talks bothered me at first, but the content of the message soon overrode how she was speaking.  It's The Law of Attraction and Abundance

5) Quote, I'm pondering: "What you think you become.  What you feel you attract.  What you imagine you create.  -Buddha

On a side note, You all might know how much I love Greensboro Pure Barre?  They are so great, they wanted me to be able to share Pure Barre with all of you!  Here's a special code for all Yoke and Abundance readers to take 15% off any package use the code YOKE15 at Check out.  That's my little happy gift to you today.  

Happy Friday!