How About a Podcast with your Coffee Break?

Wise Women Podcast

Happy Friday my sweet Friend! 

This week after getting back from Europe has been a whirlwind of seeing clients and trying to get back to my normal routines like getting my butt kicked in Barre class.  But never fear!  I've got fun things for you in today's 5 things roundup! 

1) BIG NEWS! I'm starting a WISE WOMEN podcast just for you!  You'll get crazy fun rewards for backing the project on Kickstarter; think a pack of my travel postcards, a wise woman pendant, the opportunity to nominate a wise woman, coaching and your own commercial on the podcast! This seed money helps cover the start-up costs I hope you'll check it out and if you're hungry to hear deeper conversations from Wise Women Please consider investing in the start-up costs.  

2) What I'm reading: The Law of Attraction: The basics of the teachings of Abraham.  This book is blowing my mind and at the same time speaking my language. 

3) My new favorite snail mail to send is Greetabl.  I love sending these little boxes of joy to friends and family and as thank you notes.  I couldn't keep this a secret, thought you might enjoy it too. 

3) This Free App the ESP trainer has been occupying some time.  I'm up to guessing about 9 right out of 24 on average.  That's up from the average of 6 that I started with. Warning: It's addictive! 

5) Quote I've Been pondering: "What you are seeking is seeking you" -Rumi