What's in your Breakfast Bowl? Let's take 5 Together

What's in your Breakfast Bowl?

Happy Friday,

Enjoy a big deep breath and dig in because I've got some fun tidbits for you in today's coffee break! 

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Onto This week's five things! 

1) Krista Tippett's Elizabeth Gilbert interview "Choosing Curiosity Over Fear".  Lots of insight into the creative process.  

2) You might be able to tell I'm obsessed with Jess Lively's Law of Attraction Q&A's Her interview with Pat Flynn was fantastic! 

3) I've been watching some Instagram feeds that have me drooling for yummy healthy breakfast bowls I'm going to try some of these Breakfast Bowls from "What's Gaby Cooking".  What's your breakfast bowl go to?  I'd love to see your suggestions! 

4) Update on the book I'm reading that I posted about last week "Sohpie's World" I'm loving it!  A week later and I've flown halfway through this book.  If you are curious about philosophy and want an intriguing read I would recommend this book! 

5) This Quote "Impossible is just an Opinion" -Paulo Coelho.  

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Happy Friday!