Garden overflowing with Zucchini? Try this Recipe

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Happy Friday!

When you read this I'll probably just be getting back home from my Friday morning Pure Barre class (which I'm loving because I'm feeling strong and I can see my abs and that makes me feel like the best version of me).  If you want to go with me sometime you can use the code YOKE15 for 15% off any package.  

It's been a long full week and the only thing between me and the beach is a Friday worth of work, but not too much work where I could share this coffee break with you! 

Here's this week's five things

1) My garden is producing large zucchini like crazy so I've been experimenting with Zucchini bread recipes. This recipe is gluten-free, a touch on the drier side but I'm experimenting with it.   You might like it too. 

2) Last Saturday I stayed home and read all day!  Do you have days like that?  I read the book "The Brightest Hour: a memoir of living and dying"  I could not put this book down.  You will want to read it too if you don't mind a book that will make you laugh and cry. 

3) I've been on a reading kick since Saturday and have also been reading "Tiny Beautiful Things: advice on love and life from Dear Sugar" by Cheryl Strayed.  It's also riveting.  

4) Running yesterday, I listened to this "She Explores" podcast Episode called Perfectly Capable of Climbing, about Kareemah Batts, founder of the adaptive climbing group.  

5) I think you'd like the meditation I made this week.   It's a Gratitude Meditation for Anxiety

If you LOVE your coffee break with Yoke and Abundance, please share it with your friends.  Don't keep us a secret

That's it for this weeks 5 Things, but the next "In the company of Women" Group program is open for registration.  Only a few spots still available.  If you're feeling burned out, if you're feeling stuck, this program will rekindle your creative spirit while connecting you with powerful female spirits.  

Happy Friday!