Ready For Your Friday Coffee Break? Let's take 5 shall we?


Happy Friday! 

Has your week been busy and full?  Mine too, fulfilling but full! So let's get right down to this week's 5 things.  

1) A book I'm excited to dive into is "Expressive Writing: Words that Heal" by Pennebaker and Evans.  A few women I really admire suggested I read this and it sounds right up my alley.  

2) I'm on a book kick and another friend recommended the book "Your Money or Your Life: 9 steps to transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence."  by Vicki Robin  Who doesn't want financial independence?

3) Song I'm currently obsessed with is Joni Mitchel "Case of You"  Sometimes you just need to feel all the feels with Joni Mitchel. 

4) I made you a meditation!  It's a mediation for prosperity and abundance.  

5) Do you want to work with me?  In August I've been challenged to work with 100 women for 100 hours of coaching.  This is huge!  I'm coaching 100 women in exchange for a facebook, twitter, Instagram, or website review if you enjoyed your session.  You can apply here.  Guys, you can actually apply too!  The majority of my work is with women, but I do also work with men.  

If you LOVE your coffee break with Yoke and Abundance, please share it with your friends.  Don't keep us a secret

Happy Friday!