Black Berry Cobbler Recipe? I'll share it with you over coffee...

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Happy Friday! 

Did you catch the Wise Women Panel this week?  If not you have to catch the replay!  It was a powerful panel of women who were dropping universal truth bombs!  Check it out! 

Now for this week's five things...

1) I hung out with my friend Pamela this week and she made the best blackberry cobbler and sent me home with many many cups of fresh blackberries so I made my own cobbler.  I couldn't find her recipe online but I found you one that looks good!  Grandma's Blackberry Cobbler

2) I went camping at Grayson Highlands with my Friend Betsy this week, we made a playlist for the drive up. I shortened it with some of my favorites for you Betsy and Alisha Camping Play List

3) Yesterday I went for a run in the woods and I'm ashamed to say my run turned into a hike instead, but I listened to this great podcast from Beautifully equipped: Be comfortable not knowing.  

4) I made you a meditation!  It's called "The Obstacle is the Path"

5) If you missed the panel this week or even if you were there, I highly recommend you give this one a watch or a re-watch! Wise Women Wednesday Spirituality in Business.  There's a lot of power in this one.  

Did you know that I've been challenged to work with 100 women for 100 hours of coaching in August?  This is huge!  I'm coaching 100 women in exchange for a facebook, twitter, Instagram, or website review if you enjoyed your session.  You can apply here.  I'm already 75% booked so if you or anyone you know want to work with me be sure to apply asap. 

We've launched the Yoke and Abundance Collective this week! This is a collective to give you a supportive group of women, keep bringing you the Wise Women Panels, share positive psychology tips to keep you flourishing and help you bring your entrepreneurial dreams to fruition.  Today only take 10% off the collective!  Use the code 10%OFF

If you LOVE your coffee break with Yoke and Abundance, please share it with your friends.  Don't keep us a secret

Happy Friday!