I made you a new Spotify Playlist for your coffee break


What a wonderful week it's been and I'm so happy it's over and I'm shutting down and heading to the beach this afternoon!! DOING A HAPPY DANCE!!! 

Here are this week's 5 things for you...

1) I made a playlist for you!  Last Sunday it was pouring down rain and I had all the feels.  I think this Spotify playlist Rainy Day Feels sums it up pretty well.  I hope you'll enjoy it. 

2) I've been a workaholic recently and my favorite way to shut off is to read.  Do you like YA, young adult literature?  I do when it's good.  I devoured this book "The Truth about Forever" by Sarah Dessen, it's about a young girl processing grief after her dad passes away and has a little love story too.  

3) Because I'm a voracious reader I'm also halfway through "Educated" a memoir by Tara Westover about her life growing up without being sent to school, or homeschooled.  She grew up in a Mormon community and her dad rejected anything that made the family reliant on the government.  This book is mindblowing and Tara is a beautiful writer!  Savor this book with me. 

4) The podcast that was getting me through my middle of the day way too hot to be out running runs was Snap Judgment, one episode that got me was called "The suitcase of love and shame"

5) I made you a mediation! This week's mediation was Miracles are Natural. 

If you're craving the beach like I am these days.  Join me in Beaufort, NC this October for "Cultivating Your Creative Spirit Seaside".  Be sure to get in on the early bird special while it lasts! 

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Happy Friday!