Black-Bean, Corn and Cilantro Salad with your Coffee Break?

Coffee Break?.jpg

I hope you've had a great holiday week!  I just got back from spending the week with my friend at her family's house in Beaufort, NC.  I was mixing work and play and it was great!

I can't wait to get back into my routine here and take a Pure Barre class, want to join me?  You can use the code YOKE15 for 15% off any package.  

Here are this week's five things

1) We hosted a few dinners with lovely people in Beaufort and one of our dinner companions brought this tasty salad Black, bean, corn and cilantro that I'll be making all week!  

2) A few more days to book your power-hour coaching session with me at 25% off.  The Soverenity sale runs through Sunday.  What would you work on with a coach?

4) Driving to the beach last Saturday I listened to "She Explores" podcast Episode called Fat and Outdoorsy, It was interesting and good food for thought.   

5) I made you a beach meditation for peace and calm this week.  I hope you'll love it. 

If you LOVE your coffee break with Yoke and Abundance, please share it with your friends.  Don't keep us a secret

That's it for this weeks 5 Things, but the next "In the company of Women" Group program begins next week on July 12th.  Only a few spots still available.  If you're feeling burned out, if you're feeling stuck, this program will rekindle your creative spirit while connecting you with powerful female spirits.  

Happy Friday!