Would you like me to pull you an Animal Spirit Card?


Happy Friday!

Did you know in each of my client sessions I pull an animal spirit card for those who work with me long term?  If you've been listening to the podcast you've heard me pull a card for the women i've interviewed.  Why do I do this?  Three reasons, 1st: it's fun, 2nd: it's a great icebreaker 3rd: it gives us a different lens to look at where we are in life, something to think about.  I thought maybe all of you would like a card.  Here is what you got today...  

Zebra Card.jpg

Now onto this week's 5 things... 

1st)  I've started reading  Eating In the Light of The Moon: How women can transform their relationships with food through myths, Metaphors, and storytelling.  It's really good.  

2nd) My Fall Issue of Bella and Grace Showed up Yesterday.  I love this quarterly publication.  It's also the best for art journaling if you can bear to cut it up.  

3rd) Did you listen to Cynthia D. Reavis's  Words of Wisdom on the Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast this week?  We'd love to know what you think.  Give it a listen and then please share a review on iTunes it would mean the world. 

4th) In coaching this week the theme of Procrastination has come up a few times.  If procrastination is one of your hang-ups then read this article: How to use Psychology to Solve the Procrastination Puzzle

5th) I really loved this Podcast from She Explores: Grandma's ride I listened to it on my evening run last night and it made me want to visit my grandma, So I've planned a trip back to OH in September. 

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Happy Friday!