Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Let's Take 5

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Happy Friday! 

I used to inwardly roll my eyes when I heard people talk about how mercury was in retrograde and how it was affecting things, but this week trying to get the wise women podcast on iTunes, among a slew of other things has changed my mind.  Does mercury in retrograde effect you?

Here are this week's 5 things for you...

1) This Instagram picture has me excited for the upcoming beach retreat I'm hosting with my good friend Betsy Bertram in October.  Weather permitting one of the activities we'll be doing is kayaking or standing paddle boarding to Carrot Island (where the wild ponies are) for a nature hike.  You don't have to travel to glacier national park to do cool things. Have you reserved your spot in our retreat yet?  Don't wait, we have limited spots available.  

2)  I know, I know I put this in last week's e-mail too but if you haven't read this book yet you must!!! I finished this book last week and I NEED you to read it too.  "Educated" a memoir by Tara Westover is about her life growing up without being sent to school, or homeschooled.  She grew up in a Mormon community and her dad rejected anything that made the family reliant on the government.  Tara's writing is exquisite. 

3) I think I've mentioned this one a few weeks ago.  I've begun "A Course in Miracles".  It's interesting.  The language is very Christian, and male based so from a language standpoint it's not as inclusive as I'd like but the concepts from a broad perspective are very powerful.  The book will take no less than a year and I'm curious to see how it will shape my thinking and my beliefs.  I already feel like it's having a positive impact.  Have you done the course?  I'd love to know what your experience has been with it.  

4) Have you listened to our First Podcast "Navigating Difficult Conversations"?  I'd really love your feedback.  It was my first one ever and I'm really eager to get your opinion!  What did you like or not like, and what types of questions would you like me to ask future guests? 

5) Quote I've been pondering recently "When it feels scary to jump, that's exactly when you jump.  Otherwise, you end up staying in the same place your whole life. and that I can't do"  C.J. Chandler

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Happy Friday!