Quinoa Taco Bowl? Let's take 5


Happy Friday!

Here are this week's 5 things for you...

1) I'll be trying out recipes this week for the upcoming beach retreat I'm hosting with Betsy Bertram this October "Cultivating Your Creative Spirit Seaside".  The recipe I'll be playing with this weekend is a Quinoa Taco Bowl.  Does that sound yummy to you?

2)  Next up on my reading list is Eating By the Light of The Moon: How women can transform their relationships with food through myths, Metaphors, and storytelling

3) Did you listen to this week's podcast?  In it, I talk with Lindley Battle about "Believing in Yourself" even when you've almost failed. Can you believe this talented photographer almost failed her first college photography class? She also drops knowledge on how to say no.  

4) I spent last weekend with my dear friend Maia Dery.  She is one of the wisest women I know.  I've shared her Waves to Wisdom podcast here before, but I think you'll really enjoy this one where she interviews filmmaker, writer, and surfer Elizabeth Pepin Silva

5) In case you need to hear it.  The quote I'll leave you with today "You are worthy of your Dreams" -Alisha

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Happy Friday!