Are you Old-School? Paper Day-Planner Style?


Happy Friday

I'm wishing you a fabulous weekend full of creativity! 

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Here are this week's five things! 

1st)  ORGANIZATION is key!  I'm old school, I still send snail-mail and I use a paper day planner.  If you need the tactile like I do for remembering dates, tracking goals and writing yourself love notes, The Desire Map Planner from Danielle Laporte is where it's at!  This is a pricey planner but because it's something I will use every day for the next year I don't mind spending a little more.  

2nd) My friend brought me a special book for daily reading.  It's called "Journey to the Heart: A daily meditation on the path to freeing your soul" by Melody Beattie.  I adore it.  The daily meditation is spot on and it's the perfect thing to read after my morning meditation before I start the day. 

3rd) This video inspired me.  First of all, I love the Piano and watching him and what he was able to do definitely gave me inspiration that nothing is impossible.  Not to mention it's just plain beautiful to listen to. 

4th)  I made you this 10-minute meditation in case you needed it like I did.  You are Worthy.  

5th) Take a listen to this week's podcast.  Whitney Brooks interviews me!  I share my thoughts on failure, what inspires me and why I think Children's books are the best! 

Happy Friday!