Are you ready? Let's BLOOM!


Happy Friday!
Today Yoke and Abundance is a Sponsor for Social Designs "Bloom Inclusion: Innovative Solutions for Inclusion Seminar".  I get to be a Creativity Cultivator, you can read more about what that means here and follow along with me today via instagram stories @YokeandAbundance.  

Here are this week's five things in no particular order... 

1st) This article "Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong"  confirmed some things I've been thinking about and also brought to light how much "Weightism" there is.  I've been guilty of it in the past and I won't tolerate that in myself in the future.  We need more light on this topic.  

2nd) This TEDx video "The Press Trampled on My Privacy: Here's How I took back my story".  Is touching and for sure worth watching.   

3rd)  In the wake of Hurricane Florence I was horrified to see an acquaintance post on social media that "selfish people hadn't evacuated and now the coast guard was going to have to risk their lives to go save them".  The issue is much more complex, there is so much poverty in NC and especially on the coast that this article summed up everything I wanted to say in a comment but didn't have the language to say until I found someone else's words so elequently sum it up.  North Carolina's Problem Isn't Florence, It's Poverty.  This is really worth a careful read.  

4th)  I was amused and educated by this article "Ranked: 10 paintings of Judith Beheading Holofernes".  It's snarkey and real commentary on sexual assault.  

5th) Did you see the Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Manifest I wrote for us and our community?  
"I am a Wise Woman
I Believe
“We Rise By Lifting Others”.
I Choose Joy,
Even when things are tough.  
I attract Abundance
for myself and others.
I trust the pull of my creative instincts,
they lead me to my highest self.   
I connect to my Entrepreneurial spirit
to design my life.
I SHINE Brightly
because my candle will light a thousand others.
I am wise, you are wise,
together we rise."
Would love to know what you think of the manifesto?  Can you connect with it?  Are you a wise woman according to the manifesto?  

Happy Friday!