Avoiding black ice and other balancing acts

IMG_3678 It's Friday, you know you can get through one day.  That was how I felt today. until about 5:30pm.  How do you feel on Friday's?  My walk into work today may have been more precarious than if I had driven as side walks were mostly iced over.

Walking into work at 7am I contemplated how life is a precious balance even if we don't realize what a balancing act it really is as we are living it.    I slipped on black ice on the side-walk less that two houses down from my own, looked dry to me.  Didn't see it at all, luckily I was stomping around in my big (birthday) boots made for rain and snow.  Yeah that kinda start to the day.  Luckily, Thanks to the boots I didn't completely go down.


These days are a balancing act.  I find myself torn between many things.  Deciding how to walk the tight rope in boots, high heels or in bare fee, it's a precarious balance.  Some days I wear boots with skirts into the office, others I wear jeans into the yoga studio to teach a restorative class.  It works both ways, like walking into work on ice.

Heres's to February being almost over...

xoxoxoxo -Alisha