Weekly Wrap Up 01.17.14

commitment to morning pages Sleepy dog

Vision and goal setting prep

Lovely ladies from Vision and goal setting workshop

I'm going to the West Indies!

Presidents club love

The Green bean on a rainy satruday morning

View from my room in Orlando

Morning pages

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 1 vision and goal setting workshop  Ran 4 miles shopped for a new navy suit for NSC worked on studio marketing wrapped up loose ends for work before leaving for NSC packed for NSC had a saturday night dinner with my by friend 5 days of morning pages 5 days of personal mediation practice 3 Days of personal yoga practice worked a lot but not entirely sure how to measure it flew to Orlando for NSC accepted presidents award gave two work presentations spent time with awesome co-workers in Orlando penned Unchain Your Dreams  penned Handstand Lessons read the first part of The Desire Map by Daielle Laport made myself a yummy spinach Quiche!

Weekend Wish Run have dinner with tumbleweed spend time with tumbleweed teach yoga at Lululemon and GCY ride my bike take a nap replace my toilette


Weekly Wrap Up 12.20.13

My art journal entries saturday

sweet sweet group for the art journaling workshop


12-20 7


Making christmas gifts!

more art journaling fun

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 6 yoga classes taught 1 private lessons ran 3 miles walked 4.2 miles with a friend created a mentor program for my Lincoln job worked 45 hours at Lincoln bought christmas gifts had a friday night date with my sweetheart bike shop visit and dinner Lululemon visit to buy for myslef and others trip to Michaels to prepare for the art journaling workshop preped goodie bags for the art journaling attendees planned the art journaling workhsop art journaled visited a friend in the hospital waiting to have a baby went to see "The Dallas Buyers Club" made a late night dinner with my sweetheart satruday night taught the art journaling workshop had a business meeting after the workshop Made stew for my sweetheart worked on studio marketing visited a few yarn stores lunch meeting with my leadership Greensboro project team started knitting a few christmas presents opened lots of fun christmas cards from friends

Weekend Wish List read knit go see Snow Queen at triad stage Christmas shop run teach yoga

Weekly Wrap Up 12.13.13

WW Max Image from Leadership Greensboro Session

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 7 yoga classes taught 2 private lessons ran 20.1 miles 4 days of writing morning pages worked 35 hours at Lincoln had a leadership Greensboro Day attend an awesome baby shower attended The Next Super's underground dinner saturday night spent many hours working on GCY's first quater marketing plan ran a half marathon in 2 hours and 5 minutes took a sunday afternoon nap tiddied up my house a bit Sunday evening dinner with my sweetheart saturday afternoon finished reading "The signature of all Things" by Elizabeth Gilbert GCY teacher training planning meeting with a yoga friend Thursday night dinner and Drinks with my sweetheart

Weekend Wish List

rest Christmas shop prepare for art journaling workshop at the studio Work on studio marketing  Lead Art Journaling workshop

Weekly Wrap up 12.06.13

Morning Pages Feet


Vision and Goal Setting with Holli

1 year anniversary

1 year anniversary class

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 5 yoga classes taught 2 private lessons ran 5 miles 6 days of writing morning pages 3 days of my own personal yoga practice worked 45 hours at Lincoln saturday afternoon read "The signature of all Things" by Elizabeth Gilbert got a spinach scone from Ollie's Bakery in Winston-Salem saturday morning Signed up for Yoga Sutra's workshop at the Asheville Yoga Center in January researched requirements for creating a 200 hour YA certified teacher training program at GCY cleaned my house top to bottom bought lamps to add light to many rooms in my house bought GCY a few chairs, rug and table Vision and Goal setting evening with my friend Holli from Lululemon penned little things prepared and celebrated the studio's 1 year anniversary Work event at Europa

Weekend Wish List

Run the mistletoe half-marathon in Winston Salem Go to a baby shower for a friend Art Journal Attend the next super underground dining dinner go see the Dallas Buyers Club