Weekly Wrap Up 01.10.14

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Weekly Wrap Up

taught 5 yoga classes Ran 8 miles worked 45 hours at Lincoln 7 days of morning pages 5 days of personal yoga practice 7 days of personal meditation practice worked on planning a private event for the studio friday evening got the VW fixed up with a new tire, new battery, and a new went to an inspiring and educational 3 day yoga sutra workshop in Asheville had yummy steak dinner saturday night cooked and enjoyed with Tumbleweed continued reading How Yoga Works all night saturday (possibly the best yoga book ever written) Worked on the mentoring program for Lincoln worked on a presentation I'm doing at Lincoln said goodbye to my parents discovered that my toilet is leaking and in need of repair made a Quiche

Weekend Wish List Buy a new suit pack for Lincoln's national sales conference work on accounting for GCY leave for FL (Lincoln National Sales Conference)