Creating Space

20140522-212749-77269631.jpgThe sun has set for the day, the hum of the dryer going round and round is a backdrop to my evening. Max is laying next to my bed and wondering why I'm not asleep yet- never mind that it isn't even 9:30pm.

Tomorrow is Friday, I'm lucky enough to be able to leave work early and have a weekend free of work or studio obligations (this is a dress rehearsal for my upcoming week long vacation in Nevis!).

Tumbleweed and I are heading to his Saluda hide away for some much needed R&R. I'm sure the next few days will be full of rest, cleaning the screens at Tumbleweed's house, running, napping, eating at yummy places like the Admiral, playing in downtown Asheville, picnics, possibly taking a yoga class at the AYC, morning pages, coffee and wine! Fun things, not obligations, not requirements. Activities that fill up the soul! That is a long list of possibilities that will make up a lovely long weekend! The other possibility could be to chuck that entire list and do something completely different like just read or just meditate.

The point is I now have a weekend of space for myself. Space to nurture whatever part of me that needs nurturing. This is very much needed and long over due, but honestly it's just a stopgap until the upcoming full week off. I have not had a week off since 2010. I'm ready. We creative creatures need to find a way to create space for ourselves. It's within the open space that ideas can grow and flourish. I'm working on creating that space now. It took a long time for me to realize that true creativity and productivity often comes from doing less. Trust me, it 's counter intuitive, but true.

Are you taking time this weekend for you? What does "you time" look like?

Happy long weekend friends, -Alisha