Whimsical Wednesday: 06.26.13

Friends It's Whimsical Wednesday, which to me implies fun and happiness.  I'm not feeling happy or fun at the moment.  I'm feeling sad and hurt, but I'm grateful for loving friends.  This picture I found on pintrest says it all. I'm incredibly lucky for the network of friends and family i have in my life and for that reason I'll channel my inner whimsical.  On the bright side, I think I ran really fast this morning. I wish I had timed it.  It turns out tears might actually make you faster!

Whimsical Wednesday: Gratefulness 06.19.13

Rodin cast

On this second to last Wednesday of spring, I'm feeling grateful for many things.

Today I'm grateful that I close on my house in less than a week and a half.  Grateful my parents are coming to help me settle into the new house.  Grateful for a healthy body, that I'm a runner, even if it's slow.  Grateful for a secure well-paying job with benefits and health insurance that allows me to work towards all of my dreams.  I'm grateful I'm alive and have so much in front of me.  Grateful for all of my interests that keep me moving forward every day.

I'm grateful for all of the love I've had and the way it feels wonderful in the beginning when you fall in love with someone and it renews your faith in magic.  I'm grateful for heart-break and all that it has taught me and all that it is teaching me.  I'm grateful for making mistakes and people who love you and will tell you when you are wrong and doing things that aren't right.

I'm grateful for cool mornings after a day of rain in the spring time.  I'm thankful for when the fog begins to lift after a few days of feeling in a rut.  I'm thankful for being me.