Coffee Break with my Birthday Gifts for you!

Happy Friday!

On Monday I turn 36, this year has been one of tremendous growth and learning, I'm grateful and humbled by what’s unfolded.  This is the year the Wise Women Panels launched, the Podcast launched, and I got to work with well over 100 women in my coaching practice.  It's hard for me to comprehend just how much has developed out of one year.  

Because I love celebrating my birthday I'm sharing a few very special discounts with you from today Through Tuesday (the day after my birthday).  Gift yourself some self-care.  The birthday specials are at the bottom of this e-mail 

Now, let's jump right into this week's 5 things! 

1st) I wrote this blog post reflecting on my upcoming birthday.  36 lessons I've learned: Advice to myself for my birthday.  Maybe you might enjoy these lessons too.  (I'd love to know which lessons resonated the most with you)

2nd) This blog post from On Being "Walt Whitman's Advice for a Kind and Authentic Life" reacquainted me with a quote that I used to adore.  I think I needed to hear it again and maybe you do to?

3rd) My friend Whitney and I were talking about how my friend Betsy draws a Mandala every day (she taught beach retreat participants how to do this in October).  Whitney got frustrated with trying to draw a mandala and came up with something rather creative instead that you can catch on Instagram here.  

4th) I was a super weird kid and I got made fun of a lot but I would rather have been made fun of than change who I was to be like the masses.  When I find videos and stories about staying weird I pay attention.  You might like this video.  "How Weird are You"

5th) Did you listen to this week's podcast with Katie Marshal?  I think you'll want to give this one a listen "Slow the Bleep Down"

Happy Friday! 

Here are my Birthday Gifts to you! 

Treat Yourself!  If you're in the mood for a little self-care here are three Birthday Specials for you! 

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2nd: A Year ahead Spread is on sale for $25.00 (this pairs great with a power hour coaching session if you want to take the reading deeper…/year-ahead-reading

3rd: You can still get in on the Early Bird Special for the "Choosing Joy" Mini-Retreat coming up on December 8th. Regular Rate is 189.97 Early Bird Rate is 159.97.…/choosing-joy-mini-retreat