Community Over Consumerism

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Happy Friday

I know it's Black Friday I typically use this day to try not to buy any stuff.  It's my personal protest against our consumerism culture.  If I were to go shop, I'd go shop at a locally owned shop where I can enjoy the community aspect of the shopping experience and make sure my dollars stay local.  

Today is not about shopping for me, it's about spending a little extra time with family.  I was going to be on the road back to Greensboro from OH today (a 9-hour drive at best), but I have an uncle with untreatable cancer and truth be told I want a little more time my relatives so I'm sticking around an extra day to enjoy my family, we're going to the Toledo Museum of Art.  I hope whatever you're doing, it's with people you love. 

1st) This is the exhibition we are going to see at the museum.  "Installation Art Turns Museum into Dazzling Flower Art Exhibition."

2nd) Are the Holiday's difficult for you?  I find holidays with family I love really challenging.  I wrote this post yesterday "Challenges and Gratitude on Thanksgiving".  Full discloser I read it to my mom, and she really didn't like it.  She said I made the family sound like a horrible arguing mess and that's all we do.  She said I left out all of the laughter and fun we have.  I said, but mom that wasn't the tone of the article and told her she could write her own blog post if she didn't like mine.  Everyone's a critic, right? :)  And to set the record straight and make my mom feel better I'll say we do more than argue, we do laugh and have fun too.  

3rd) I'm jumping on my soapbox one more time.  If you have to shop today.  Here are 10 reasons to shop local and skip Walmart, Amazon, or any other mega-chain.  This article is encouraging you to go out for Saturday, but I want to encourage you to support independent locally owned business today, tomorrow and every day.  In Greensboro head over to Scuppernogs to get your books.  In Toledo head down to Jupemode and buy some Toledo Swag.  Those businesses have heart and they make our cities better.  "10 REASONS TO SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY".  

4th) I'm probably really behind the times but someone showed me this music video this week and I loved it!  Maybe you will too Glorious

5th) My Friend Sheri Vettel wrote this article for Mothering Magazine and I think it's fitting for today.  "The Benefits of Teaching Children to be Less Materialistic

Happy Friday!