Cord Cutting over a coffee break

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Happy Friday Darlin!

I've felt really off this week, spending part of it without a computer didn't help, nor did the transition back from leading a retreat at the beach.  I have a feeling daylight savings this weekend will continue with the “off feeling”, but we'll see.  I hope you've been feeling more with it than I have.  

Let's get onto this week's 5 things! 

1st) I've been spending an enormous amount of time in the car recently and have more car time on the horizon.  I'm tired of binge listening to podcasts and wanted to reconnect to music that makes me happy.  Thus I made the "Driving and Dancing" Spotify playlist.  I hope you love it, I think it could also be great for running, but I haven't tested that yet. 

2nd)  This week I went to Emerge Skin Therapy for a new energy treatment that Azalea is offering called cord cutting.  I had mentioned to her that I felt like I was energetically tied to past relationships in ways that I was beyond ready to let go of, but I wasn't entirely sure how.  She let me know that she was actually offering a new service around this very thing.  I went in for this energy treatment this week and LOVED IT.  There are things that work and you don't have science to back up why it works yet, but I'll tell you this was great and I don't care if I can give you the science behind it or not.  It was a great ritual for me.  You can book this service under Reiki or you can e-mail Azalea directly at 

3rd) A few friends told me about the Documentary Free Solo.  They liked it so much they are going to see it again and I'm going with them on Saturday afternoon.  I'm really looking forward to it, have you seen it yet?  

4th) A High-school theater friend of mine is a talented writer and writing teacher.  She is trying a new style of writing in her personal work and this piece she wrote "The day he sang" touched me deeply.  I hope you enjoy it too. 

5th) Quote I'm pondering "If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different our ideals of beauty would be" -Lauren Jauregui 

Happy Friday!