Fall Into Relaxation: Free 4 Week Online Course


We live in a stressful and often upsetting world of increasing tragedies natural and man made, nonstop distractions, unnecessary 24/7 connection, and to-do lists 5 miles long.  Work, family and partners we love are also pulling us in every direction imaginable.  

Sometimes we need to consciously make the time to stop and think.  Slow down this fall with me.  

We can't make these real stressors stop, but we can control how we react to them.  If you're feeling helpless, overwhelmed and overworked then this Free four week Fall into Relaxation course is designed to help you learn how to slow down re-direct your energy, focus on what's most important to you and feel like you can handle the stress in a more mindful, and constructive way. 

Every Monday Starting Monday October 23rd you'll wake up to an e-mail that includes

1) A guided meditation for slowing down and grounding.  
2) Writing Prompts for your morning journaling each day
3) 10 suggestions for bringing relaxation into the week
4) Instructions and support on how to do a digital detox one day each week

Included in this course in addition to your weekly e-mail:
Access to a private Facebook page to meet our like-minded community who all share your desire to slow down, savor the simple things in life while not losing sight of what's most important to you.  
Each week I'll host a Facebook live through the group page to see what's coming up for you.