Hallelujah! Ready for 5 fun things?

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Happy Friday *|FNAME|*

Let's dive right into this week's 5 things! 

1st) My Friend Rebecca posted a video of Hallelujah that brought me so much joy.  I love this song anyway, but this one was so sweet, I thought you might like it too.  

2nd) If you need another reason to sign up for the December 8th mini-retreat where one of the things we'll be doing is art journaling then read this article: In Our Brutal Modern World, Science Shows Our Brains Need Crafts More Than Ever.  Don't forget today is the last day of the early bird special for the mini-retreat! 

3rd) I think it's the time of year where I need to see lots of fun videos that make me happy.  My friend Susan posted this video "Swing Dancers- Great dancing can be done at any age"

4th) I'm really enjoying the new Avett Brothers Song. Roses and Sacrifices.  I'm looking forward to when they release the rest of this album.  

5th) It's a video-heavy five things Friday!  This video was also shared with by my friend Rebecca and it really sums up well what I think Yoke and Abundance is all about.  "The Best Part of Life" by Glennon Doyle Melton.  

Happy Friday!