How about a short and sweet coffee break?

Coffee Break 2?.jpg

Happy Friday

Let's dive right into this week's 5 things! 

1st) because of the snow I might have watched way too many movies this week.  The one I think I liked the most was "The Lake House".  It's from 2006 and you have to suspend your disbelief and ignore the wholes you could poke in the script.  If you're into love stories this one is for you.  

2nd) You might like this video "The Four "Darling" Mantra's of love".  

3rd) With Christmas coming up maybe consider Cloth Wrapping some of your gifts

4th)  I'm a huge fan of Jean-Michel Blais.  You might enjoy this song Dans Ma Main

5th) I was inspired by this video of an 80 year old man who learned ballet at 75

Happy Friday!