Love'in How you Friday!

Love'in how you Friday

Happy Friday! 

What's one thing making you smile this Friday morning?  Me, I get to dog sit a miniature schnauzer named Zoey!  I can't wait to snuggle her to pieces.   

Here are today's 5 things... 

1) I'm reading You are a Badass at Making Money.  SOOO so GOOD! 

2) Yesterday I went for a run and was feeling the seat work I had done in Pure Barre Greensboro (you know the good kinda pain in the ass) while I was listening to this FANTASTIC Podcast on the Lively Show.  My Mindset has shifted 180 degrees because of this podcast on the law of attraction. 

3) I've been eating 75% of the time like a pescetarian since the end of March.  Meaning I might eat meat once a week if I'm out or at a friends house and they serve meat.  But my friend served me the most delicious lentils Wednesday night and now I'm obsessing over Lentils.  I'm trying this Lentil recipe this weekend.  

4) I was moved to tears by my friend Betsy's writing published in "She Explores" last week. Nature, the outdoors, friendship and love are important and she writes about them so eloquently here.  

5) Our very own Wise Woman Jessica Moore has a book coming out Guilt of a Sparrow and you can pre-order it.  I got to beta read it before she sent it to publishers.  If you like romance this one is a can't put down! 

Happy Weekend Everyone!