Early Morning Musings

Clutter lines my house.  It's not "dirty" per say because I'm one of those people who hires someone else to clean but I'm not exactly proud of the mess.  Listen, I know my strengths and cleaning doesn't happen to fall on that list.  I'd rather spend my weekends running, riding, teaching yoga, seeing friends and recharging my batteries for the week to come.  

Yesterday I chose to ignore my to do list.  All of the things I was "supposed" to get done and I played instead.  

It's these pre-spring NC weekends that remind me why I love this place so much.  It might be February but we've gotten a dose of spring the past few days and it's got me dreaming up ways that I can spend more time not only outside, but also on my bike.  The thing that makes me happier than anything else in the world is a day outside wearing out my body.  Yesterday was the perfect day!  It started with quiet time writing and drinking coffee before the sun came up, then a short recovery run followed by a little laundry (I'm not a complete delinquent when it comes to cleaning), then a 26 mile bike ride soaking in the fresh air and good company.  Top that day off with a fancy dinner with an old friend you've got an idea of what I think heaven would feel like.  

The transition to my new job this year has been rough, while I like it I'm working much more than what I would consider healthy. I'm learning that sometimes more hours of work = less productivity and there is a healthy balance that needs to swing back into place in order for me to optimize my productivity and enjoy life.  It will take me a little time to fall back into balance, but becoming aware of the problem is by far the first step to correcting it.  

In the mean time this weekend I've shut off from work (or at least the day job) completely and I'm doing the things that fill up my soul like going to bed at 8:20pm on a Saturday night.   

Time to go practice a little yoga and teach a fun flow class :) Happy almost spring weekend everyone.