New Opportunities

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Sometimes in life you get an opportunity you can’t pass up.  As my work with creative, entrepreneurial minded women grows I continue to look for ways that I can help my community and the causes I’m most passionate about.  If it’s not immediately evident I’ll say for the record I’m most passionate about female entrepreneurs and creatives and making sure they have the coaching they need for success, the platforms they need to network, and the education to ensure their businesses succeed.  That passion recently led me to serve on the board of Triad Local First.  I’ve been on the board since the spring.   Recently an exciting opportunity arose for me to join their staff on a part time basis to build their women independent business owners networking group.

This opportunity fits like my favorite pair of jeans and it feels so good that when I think too hard about it I’m overwhelmed with joy.   This is a reminder that when you’re doing what you’re meant to do doors open, opportunities present themselves if you’re willing to do the needed work to walk through the doors that are opened.  I couldn’t have dreamed up a more fitting and complimentary side hustle.  As an entrepreneur myself income and cash flow are not always reliable (they typically never are in the early stages of a new business).  I’ve had my eyes and ears peeled for something that would complement what I’m already doing and help me enhance my skill set and offerings to my clients when the possibility of spearheading this programing surfaced. 

I view the work I’m doing for Yoke and Abundance as a way to champion creative women and entrepreneurs.  I now have a chance to keep doing my work with yoke and abundance as well as create and build a platform for our Women Independent Business Owners in the Triad to network, gain access to advocacy and support, and have a better opportunity to succeed because we are working together.  This fits into my motto “Together We Rise”. 

Our work building this Women Owned Independent Business Owners Network is separate from Yoke and Abundance, but it’s very complimentary.  My connections in the female entrepreneurial community with Yoke and Abundance as well as the programing I’ve already created will be leveraged in this new side hustle and I imagine it will work both ways.  This new additional work is complimentary, but separate.  Wise Women Wednesday interviews, the podcast, Panels and my coaching will continue to move forward, and I will be doing this in conjunction with my work for Triad Local First.     

With that said, If you’re an independent Locally owned and operated business owner in the Triad I would highly recommend that you join Triad Local First as a Member.   I’d also like to encourage you to apply to be part of our leadership team through this application and have a say in what we’re building to benefit you. 

Looking forward to adding this new chapter with Triad Local First