"No Telling how Far I'll Go..."


Happy Friday my dear!

I'm about to practice what I preach today and take a digital detox.  I'm heading to the mountains with a good friend to camp in Pisgah National Forest.  I'm hoping I have no cell service but regardless my cell phone will be off most of the time so we can hike, write and be in nature.  If you need me I'll get back to you on Tuesday.  

Here are this week's five things in no particular order... 

1st) Do you love to color?  I do and I'm really digging this coloring book for Big Girls *"goddesses & Spirits".  You might like it too.  Sudie also has note cards for coloring and a neat looking journal.  

2nd)   I have a feeling in the political world we live in, and given what might be happening in the Senate today you might need to be reminded of something good.  In that case, watch this movie The Little Prince, you can stream it on Netflix.  It will warm your heart and rekindle your faith! 

3rd)   This article really got to me because it felt really true to me.  "A Women Can Never Be Likable Enough".  

4th)  This Marie Forleo Podcast with Judge Victoria Pratt gives me hope.  Judge Pratt says "People Can Never Be Failures".  It's a remarkable interview.  

5th)  One last feel-good piece.  Did you listen to this week's Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast yet?  "Stepping into the Title of Artist".  Don't doubt who you are.  Seriously this podcast interview with Christina Brown has me wanting to sing the Moana Theme song (how far I'll go) on repeat (yes I love children's movies especially musicals!  What?!).  Christina's story is an inspiration and being her friend and seeing her journey is an honor, I can't wait to see where her callings take her!  This Episode was sponsored by our Friends at Emerge Skin Therapy!  

Happy Friday!