A Journey Through

Greensboro Downtown Yoga's First class of Yoga Teachers 2015

Greensboro Downtown Yoga's First class of Yoga Teachers 2015

My yoga journey, over, down, around and through as a matter of course.  

When you want to get from point A to point B there are many roads that will take you to your destination.   7 years ago I decided to start my journey of sharing yoga with others.  Early on in my yoga study it became apparent that this "yoga thing" was bigger than me, and I could no-longer keep it to myself.  I falsely assumed that I'd get my certification, deepen my practice a bit, share yoga with some friends and that would be the end of it.  I figured it'd be a pretty straightforward journey from point A to point B.  

The journey around the finances.  To study in the Vinyasa style of yoga I preferred waaaay back 7 years ago, I had to travel to Asheville, NC.  It was in deed a physical journey that I took in my little blue volkswagon beetle, a total of nine weekends over a 7 month span.  I had to leave work early on a Friday cutting deeply into precious PTO (Paid time off) when I was early in my career and didn't have much to spare.  I was also still deeply in debt from college and wasn't really sure if this was the wisest decision since much of this travel would be funded with credit cards thus creating even more debt, but I've never been one to ask others for money and i've never been one to let money stop me from doing what I need to do.  I figured it would all work out eventually (and mostly it has).  So I dropped my dog at boarding, jumped in the car and headed up over the mountains for the physical part of this journey.  

Over and down the Mountains: Each trip started with the drive over the mountains.  For those of you that have never seen the mountains of western NC, well you're missing out because they're something to behold.  Once these mountains latch onto your heart they don't let go, and with each trip I found myself falling more deeply in love with the western part of our state and the blue ridge parkway.  Going over the mountains always felt like a fitting way to start my YTT weekend.  Leaving the corporate bustle behind for at least 48 hours and a life that didn't feel authentically me mostly because I hadn't yet carved my path.  I knew yoga was supposed to be part of my bigger life journey, but I couldn't directly tell you how or why.  Despite my fervent love of Asheville it's slightly too hippie for even me and I knew that at the end of each weekend even though it was hard and I dreaded the juxtapostion of what I was learning in the YTT next to my corporate life, I'd still be thankful to travel back down the mountain armed with new lessons and much to ponder.  

This weekend Greensboro Downtown Yoga graduates it's first class of yoga teachers. I've been through that and now they have too.  I've been able to deepen my yoga practice taking a YTT and especially now teaching others to teach.  I'm incredibly proud of this group, they're curious, talented and creative.  Watching them grow as teachers has been a privilege I didn't know I needed so deeply to be a part of.  Watching them has been a great reminder to me that this journey of yoga is still young and just like our new Yoga teachers we're all taking a journey over, down, around and through... .


What was your last major journey over down, around or through?  Is it something you need to teach or share?  If so how do you choose to teach and share, formally or informally?  I can't wait to hear from you.  

With Laughter and love,