Meaningful Monday: 3 ways to deal with Anxiety 7.22.13

Trellising the garden was a #1 to-do this weekend
Trellising the garden was a #1 to-do this weekend

Welcome to Monday  My friends,

Sometimes I find the Weekends difficult.  I'm out of my normal routines and sometimes a little anxiety creeps in (or maybe a lot).   Yesterday I just felt off, all day.  It felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing, but wasn't.  This is a normal Sunday occurrence  for me blue's/anxiety whatever you want to call it.  You'd think I'd figure out how to have deal with it by now.  In some way's  I have, at least I know how to live with it constructively.  Here are three way's to deal with the Sunday Blues or anxiety in general.

1) Make a To-Do list: Make a list of things you know you need to get done and make an effort to complete at least 90% of the list.  Being able to check things off the list will give you a feeling of accomplishment.  It will also help cut down on the anxiety by giving you a place to start.  Yesterday working in my garden, making chicken stock, picking up the house all helped significantly and I knew that even though my head was not in the right place at least I was getting stuff done.

2) Sweat: This is on my list of how to deal with anything.  A good workout will cut anxiety in half if not completely.  I'd be a crack pot if I didn't work out as much as I do.  Yesterday the yoga definitely helped, this morning an early run helped get the day off on the right foot.

3) Take a little time to do something just for you:  Yesterday I read for hours.  It felt like a complete indulgence, and it was, but it's good to be gentle with yourself especially if you've done the first two items on this list.

What are your go to's for dealing with anxiety or starving off the Sunday Blue's?