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Weekly Wrap Up 06.21.13

Snail Mail

Triad Stage

Morning Pages


Me and Big Train Friday Morning Cuddle time Weekly Wrap Up

taught 8 yoga classes ran 12 miles with my running buddy 7 days of morning pages sent a pile of snail mail, birthday cards to my mom, and a letter to my Grandma took an artist's date to see Tennessee Playboy at Triad Stage took a 7 mile hike saturday with some awesome mama's to be took a Saturday afternoon nap penned Meaningful Monday penned Tuesday Tidbits penned whimsical Wednesday worked 45 hours at Lincoln got excited when my Dyson was delivered purchased season tickets to triad stage started reading Nellcott is my Darling by my roommate Golda Fried went to a synergy lunch and learn about the Greensboro sc2 1m dollar idea still working on memorizing my presentation for work had a nice little night out with some beautiful yogi's thursday night cuddled with Big Train

Weekend Wish List

go for a run with my running buddy artist's date to Green Hill pack and prepare for my move: i close in one week art date with my friend Jess

Weekly Wrap up: 06.07.13

outside the NCMA enjoying the porch, it's all about embracing the little things

Max with yoga mat

The Finished Product

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 8 Yoga classes had 5 personal meditation sessions 5 personal practice yoga sessions wrote morning pages 5 mornings Enjoyed 2 yummy naps, one on Saturday and one on Sunday Visited the NCMA for my artist date Penned Meaningful Monday Penned Tuesday Tidbits did a little art journaling worked 45 hours at Lincoln went to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers at the Greensboro Coliseum attended an underground dinner experience with the Next Supper enjoyed this post From The Simply Luxurious Life Started dreaming and scheming about a trip to France for next year I've Been really inspired by this girl: Check out her Blog NerdGirlHome cleaned my room did laundry dreamed about how I'll decorate my home Made a delicious morning dish to enjoy all week long! Worked on a presentation for Lincoln got the ok from Lincoln to apply to Leadership Greensboro Finished up the May accounting for GCY Worked on Marketing for GCY worked on the Artist's way week three tasks researched taking a Mixed Media Art Class: Still haven't found one

Weekend Wish List

Attend the Greensboro coop loop Give Max a bath Run 4 miles attend first Friday shenanigans downtown Artist's Date Take a yoga class

Weekly Wrap Up May 3rd

class schedule with a quote and bag of tea attached (hand crafted by moi), extra tea to take, and a sampling of all of the books we sell at the studio. Checking people in at the race!

Do you love Greensboro?


I took a picture on the way into work to commemorate my 7 year Lincoln Anniversary.

This is my attempt to recognize just how much I actually do every week.  I hope that it will inspire you.

Weekly Wrap Up

coffee with a friend at the greenbean gave blood at the Lincoln blood drive had an amazing massage by the wonderful Kamaleatha at the Lotus Center Penned 5 Blog Posts created special invitations for a art journaling night I'm hosting for close girl friends created special marketing pieces for the Hospice Health Fair finished and sent May newsletter announced free Monday night yoga practice at the park during the month of May two 30 minute meditation sessions one 20 minute personal yoga practice volunteered at the first annual Family Promise 5k attended a Hospice wellness fair to share info about GCY worked a total of 34 hours at Lincoln Financial taught 8 yoga Classes attended a leadership lunch for making Greensboro a better place to live Ran a total of 7  miles (4 of which were with my Buddy Alli!) Got pre-approved for a mortgage Met with a Realtor met with my therapist (Self care is important everyone should have a therapist)

Weekend Wish List

MS Gears and Cheers Ride on Saturday hoping for a slow 40 miles Friday Night Pop Up Promenade Work on Marketing Materials for GCY Work on Kimberly Wilson's Business e-course : "Creative + Conscious Business" Clean my room Take a nap

Full Days Calm Mind

Will you help shape your city?  Just like everyone else my days are full to the brim.  Today is no exception, the odd difference is that I had to take a PTO day (Paid Time Off) from my job at Lincoln in order to get everything done today.  I've decided not to move aimlessly through my busy days, I will accomplish what needs to be done as mindfully and presently as possibly.

This full day started with my lovely bunch of yogis at 5:45am, an early morning class is one of the most perfect ways to start your day.  If you happen to be a morning person come try it and see how centered you are the rest of the day.

Then instead of rushing off to Lincoln Financial for a long 8 hour shift like I normally do on Tuesdays, I had the privilege of representing Greensboro Community Yoga at the Hospice and Palliative Care Center in Greensboro.

class schedule with a quote and bag of tea attached (hand crafted by moi), extra tea to take, and a sampling of all of the books we sell at the studio.

I was sharing information about the studio with their beautiful and caring nursing staff.  Hospice is AMAZING! I was glad to share information about the studio with them.  Very productive morning.

Then I was off to the next appointment of the day! Shape Your City Luncheon with Synergy!






We are a group of young people who want to make a difference and influence the city we live in.  We want to make things happen because we LOVE Greensboro.

Do you love Greensboro?

We were getting together to share ideas about what we want to stop happening in Greensboro, what we want to see continued and what we want to see start happening.  It was a neat sharing of ideas, I can't wait to see what grows out of this lunch.

100 of Greensboro young professionals who want to make a difference

Much more left to do as it is not yet 4:00pm, and as I move through my day I'm calling on my yoga and meditation practice to keep me centered and grounded.  I'll move through these activities with a calm mind that will keep me ready to take on the world, or maybe just these few tasks.  It helps that I've got a massage in less than an hour, self-care is just as important as everything else.

Greensboro is BEAUTIFUL

IMG_0993 I can't help but notice all of the little things that make my city beautiful.  Do you ever stop and notice.  Right now the azalea's are in full bloom.  The city is warming to spring and it makes me smile.


That is all for now Friends:) xoxoxo -Alisha