A writing prompt from Danielle Laporte: The sound of joy

20140122-163209.jpg Alisha's interpretation of the sound of joy: The sound of joy is a pearl of laughter from a small child.  My dog barking in pleasure at something absurd.  The sound of joy is a sigh of ecstasy or the sound of Om after a yoga class.  The sound of joy is the stillness of the forest as well as it's overwhelming noise.  The sound of joy are the birds outside my window chirping in the early morning while I write morning pages and drink coffee.  The sound of joy is my strong steady breath during a personal yoga class or seated meditation.  The sound of joy is a sweaty yoga class with everyone breathing in unison.  The sound of joy is the Ave Maria at a catholic mass after communion.  The sound of joy is my best friend's voice durning a morning walk or tumbleweed's whispers.  The sound of joy is the wind blowing past your ears on bike ride.  The sound of joy is the thump of your heart beat on a run.  The sound of joy is a still summer afternoon that is so hot and muggy you can only hear stillness.  The sound of joy is champagne bottles popping.  The sound of joy is my grandmother's laugh.  The sound of joy is all around me.

Tuesday Tidbits: Water Colors 06.11.13


When was the last time you sat down and did art?  Pretended you were in grade school, high school, or college taking an art class and gave yourself permission to be a little creative?  If you haven't recently I would tell you to give it a try.  It's fun to play with art.  It's fun to give yourself that time even if you don't think "You are an artist".   We are all artist's.

Color Wheel
Color Wheel

This is what I completed over the weekend.  I learned, don't buy cheep water colors, and don't buy cheap water-color paper, it makes a big difference.  I also learned that if you are impatient water-color can be a challenge because you need to let each layer dry before you start the next layer.  Wow that is difficult.

My newest set of cheap art supplies
My newest set of cheap art supplies

Weekly Wrap up: May 31st

Little Curly Haired Girl Seeds


Max on porch

Scavenger Hunt

Studio Pic

Curly hair Alisha

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 7 Yoga classes had 5 personal meditation sessions wrote morning pages every morning ran 14.2 miles some of them with my running buddy biked to work one day this week did a little art journaling attended a lovely cook out at my friends home for memorial day worked 32 hours at Lincoln cleaned my room dreamed about how I'll decorate my home hiked around lake Brandt Saturday night (9-10 miles) planted lots of seeds for tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and cucumbers (cross your fingers that they grow) penned a Poem penned a piece on teaching little girls to trust their gut instincts penned meaningful Monday's penned Tuesday Tidbits took an evening walk with a friend took a lunch time walk with a friend attended a Wednesday night work function sold my mountain bike

Weekend Wish List

Going to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers at the Greensboro Coliseum Having an underground dinner experience with the Next Super Run Nap Artist's Date

Behind the Times

I'm behind the times, I know, but Yesterday I joined instagram.  Seriously cool.  Why didn't anyone tell me how cool it is?!   I have an ipad not a smart phone, so the app is a bit well, clunky for me.  I wish there was a way to upload pictures that i've already taken and edit them in instagram.  Maybe there is and I just don't know?  If there is please tell me.  So far here are a few of the pictures I've taken.... My pretty purse and clutch

More journal pages

Flowers from my local farmers market today

The jade plant I tried unsuccessfully to kill and now is doing really well!


It's a holiday weekend, how are you planning on spending your time?  Are you going to be taking in pictures with instagram?  Anyone special I should follow for inspiration?


Weekly Wrap Up May 24th

Journal Pages Quote from the artist's way.

More Moral support!

Weekly Wrap Up

ran 16.4 miles (8.4 of them with an awesome running buddy) taught 7 yoga classes taught 1 Private lesson 4 days of sitting for personal mediation 5 days of penning morning pages (the Artist's way rocks!) 1 Artist date worked 3 extra hours on Saturday at Lincoln for a special call/Sales event prepared the studio for my art journaling evening saturday night Hosted ladies at the studio for an evening of Art Journaling dinner with a friend monday evening started reading "The Artists's Way" by Julia Cameron Read  "Lean in" by Sheryl Sanberg, Amazing book!!! Could not put it down, a must read!!! work 39 hours at Lincoln penned Saturday evening studio delights penned Meaningful Monday Penned Tuesday Tidbits Worked on the June Studio Newsletter Was inspired by this article!  I want a tiny house village in Greensboro!

Weekend Wish List

Pop Up Promenade either Friday or Saturday night Clean my room ponder paint colures for the rooms in my house A hike around the lake a run lots of reading Yoga and mediation for me!