Juice cleanse

Juice Cleanse Reflections

Day three last juice!  Blender Bender was YUMMY
Day three last juice! Blender Bender was YUMMY

Three full days of nothing but juice and I stuck to it.  Day one I was exhausted, but that's a normal feeling for me.  Day two I felt pretty darn great until I unexpectedly had a date with my boyfriend and got to watch him eat sushi and drink wine while I sat across from him sipping caffeine free tea.  Day three was similar to day two.

Was it hard?  yes, and no. Not when I was at work with lots to do, or when I was home alone.  There were times when out of habit I'd think "I'd like to go eat real food" but I wasn't really ever hungry.  I stayed very hydrated and it was fine. What was hard is that I love food, I'm a foodie.  I like the experience of eating, dining, of drinking wine.  It's a social thing too, breaking bread with your friends and family.  At the end of a long day sitting down to dinner and a glass of wine with my boyfriend is a common shared experience and removing myself from that ceremony was hard.  By the end of day 3 I wanted to have a meal, to eat food that I chewed very badly, it did take a lot strength and willpower not to ask my boyfriend for a glass of his wine or a spoonful of his dinner.

Was it worth it? yes and no. I learned a lot about my eating patterns, and how much I actually do or don't need to consume.  I feel fresh and cleaned out.  I'm feeling a little refreshed.  My skin is clearer for sure.  What I hoped to feel was amazing! I had high hopes that this would completely change how I was feeling physically.  Re-charge my body.   People talk about how AMAZING you feel after a juice cleanse.  I feel mostly the same with more awareness, heightened sense of smell, and a better understanding of myself.

I'm feeling good, but nothing extraordinary.  I do eat pretty darn well normally so maybe that speaks to the fact that I'm mostly on the right track already?  That's what I'm going to tell myself anyway.

It's not a quick fix.  Would I do it again, yes.  It's an interesting exercise that can teach you a lot about yourself so yes I'd do it again.  Should I have had lower expectations?  Probably yes.

Have you done a juice cleanse?  What was your experience?  Would you do one again?  Would love to hear from you.

First real meal day 4
First real meal day 4