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Weekly Wrap Up 01.10.14

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Weekly Wrap Up

taught 5 yoga classes Ran 8 miles worked 45 hours at Lincoln 7 days of morning pages 5 days of personal yoga practice 7 days of personal meditation practice worked on planning a private event for the studio friday evening got the VW fixed up with a new tire, new battery, and a new went to an inspiring and educational 3 day yoga sutra workshop in Asheville had yummy steak dinner saturday night cooked and enjoyed with Tumbleweed continued reading How Yoga Works all night saturday (possibly the best yoga book ever written) Worked on the mentoring program for Lincoln worked on a presentation I'm doing at Lincoln said goodbye to my parents discovered that my toilet is leaking and in need of repair made a Quiche

Weekend Wish List Buy a new suit pack for Lincoln's national sales conference work on accounting for GCY leave for FL (Lincoln National Sales Conference)

Weekly Wrap Up 08.16.13

gifts! Desk Top Forrest

Shit Kickers

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 9 yoga classes ran 19.5 miles with running buddies wrote two days of morning pages worked 45 hours at Lincoln Had dinner with a friend at Salivinos and a nigh cap at Green Valley Friday night Made a personalized card for the baby shower I was attending Went to an awesome baby shower Saturday cleaned my house did laundry bought a new outfit for work Hosted my house-warming party did grocery shopping cooked a yummy meal of roasted veggies sunday  evening from a cook book I got at my house-warming penned Meaningful Monday created and dropped off a special care package for a friend (it's fun to give random surprises) made dinner with a friend at my house Monday night worked my garden watching the Zucchini plant and other garden plants get bigger played with Max

Weekend Wish List

Teach yoga tonight, saturday morning, and two classes on sunday host a friend from out-of-town this evening Grill dinner for the out-of-town friend do a weekend long 10 mile run work on cleaning up the downtown Greenway work in my garden mow my lawn Try making a fig tart take a nap

Weekly Wrap up 08.09.13

Cookies hot out of the oven Banana Bread

sunday breakfast

Sunflowers on my table

The garden is Growing

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 8 yoga classes ran 14.5miles with running buddies worked 43 hours at Lincoln had a lovely friday evening on the porch with a friend took a saturday nap worked my garden mowed my lawn baked banana bread baked cookies went to Triad Stage meet your seat picked up the last piece to a baby shower gift had a leisurely saturday evening with a friend killed a mouse in my kitchen had a visit with my therapist Monday took the car in for an oil change and tire patch watching the Zucchini plant and other garden plants get bigger played with Max

Weekend Wish List

Teach yoga tonight order food trays from The Fresh Market for my house-warming party have dinner with a friend tonight do a weekend long 9 mile run go to a baby shower host house-warming party make cookies take a nap work in my garden mow my lawn

Weekly Wrap Up: 07.26.13

New Running shoes: Brooks Pure Project Pensive Max

Downtown GSO at lunch time

It's Growing!

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 6 yoga classes took 1 yoga class ran 15 miles with running buddies signed up for the triple lakes half marathon worked 32 hours at Linoln went to a friend's birthday party finished reading "The Time Between" by Karen White started reading "She Left me the gun" by Emma Brockes made chicken broth played on pintrest trellised my tomato and cucumber plants cleaned at my house played with Max cleaned out my car: only kinda Went out with ladies from work on Monday night picked up my grandmother and her husband from the airport took my grandmother and her husband out to dinner took max for his annual check up paid bills ran a ton of errands

Weekend Wish List

Teach Restorative tonight Take the Grandparents to Seagrove Go on my first LONG run in a while take the grandparents to the farmers market take the grandparents to the national criterion races in high point host a dinner party Sunday night

Weekly Wrap Up 07.18.13

was ready for my presentation last friday Friend brought me flowers


Sunday evening light from the window

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 8 yoga classes took 1 yoga class ran 12 miles with my running buddy 5 days of morning pages worked 32 hours at Lincoln Posted Tuesday Tidbits Had wine on the porch friday night with a friend Had a perfect dinner with Friends Saturday night Went to see the Duhks at the blind tiger Sunday night Had a Massage from Andra Lebauer of Lebauer Physical Therapy (Divine!) Read "All out of Love: A Cupid, Texas Novel" by Lori Wilde Read "The Best man" by Kristan Higgins Started Reading "Time Between" By Karen White Made a big pot of vegetable soup Had a shopping artist's date at Lululemon and Bohoblu and bought some clothing Dinner with friends at Europa on Thursday cuddled with Big Train

Weekend Wish List

go for a longer run on saturday go to a friends birthday party help a friend with packing Go to the farmers market Saturday morning and get a chicken for roasting read chapter 10 of the artist's way take a nap