The year of travel March: Wilmington, NC

The year of travel March: Wilmington, NC

When I crowned 2017 the year of travel I had no idea what the year would bring.  In fact part of me thought I would simply be driving to surrounding cities and states for most of the year but it's not looking like that will be the case. I have some huge exciting things planned that I'll tell you about all in due time.  

Weekly Wrap Up 01.17.14

commitment to morning pages Sleepy dog

Vision and goal setting prep

Lovely ladies from Vision and goal setting workshop

I'm going to the West Indies!

Presidents club love

The Green bean on a rainy satruday morning

View from my room in Orlando

Morning pages

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 1 vision and goal setting workshop  Ran 4 miles shopped for a new navy suit for NSC worked on studio marketing wrapped up loose ends for work before leaving for NSC packed for NSC had a saturday night dinner with my by friend 5 days of morning pages 5 days of personal mediation practice 3 Days of personal yoga practice worked a lot but not entirely sure how to measure it flew to Orlando for NSC accepted presidents award gave two work presentations spent time with awesome co-workers in Orlando penned Unchain Your Dreams  penned Handstand Lessons read the first part of The Desire Map by Daielle Laport made myself a yummy spinach Quiche!

Weekend Wish Run have dinner with tumbleweed spend time with tumbleweed teach yoga at Lululemon and GCY ride my bike take a nap replace my toilette