Social Media Detox

A week of no reading 06.09.13

Color wheel I painted last night with shitty cheap water colors... What did I say?

Yes, you read that right, a week of no reading.....

I'm on week four of the artist's way and this week in addition to writing my morning pages and going on my weekly artist date I'm not supposed to read.  I'm going to take this in the spirit that the assignment was given.  The idea is that artists love to consume other people's art.  We love to read and fill up our time and if we are blocked we devour other people's work so that we can stay blocked and not create ourselves.  hmmnnnn, I see where this could be a helpful assignment.


This week I'm going to stay off the face book feed, I'll check messages and post for the studio, and I'll blog. I'll check e-mails and do work, but I'm going to try to abide by the rules and see what happens.

Yesterday I was in the artistic mood so I chucked all my plans and spent the day art journaling, and playing with water-color paints.  It was fantastic!  Before I went to bed I checked face book one last time knowing that I'd miss it.

This morning I rolled over in bed and had the urge to reach for my ipad to check e-mail and my facebook feed as I do every morning, but I resisted.  Instead I threw the covers off, let max out and made a pot of french press coffee and got right down to work on my morning pages.  I did have to resist the urge to open the ipad and mindlessly start scrolling.  I suppose this is what you'd call the withdrawal period.

When I went to the studio to teach my sunday morning class as I was waiting for students I'd normally distract myself by playing on the internet or read a book on my ipad.  I spend a lot of time waiting for students to get to the studio and this week I won't have my normal crutch, my normal distractions.  I'll have to embrace each moment, either by just being present with myself or by creating something myself. I can't just consume other people's content this week.

My newest set of cheap art supplies

As I write this I know that you are reading my blog, so the irony is not lost on me, but hey I'm creating right?  And you can be too, or maybe you are inspired by my words (I always hope I'm inspiring you!).  I'm also teaching The Artist's Way at the studio starting in September so if you are intrigued sign up to join us!

I won't be doing this for more than the assigned week.  I love my social media, even though I imagine this week will be challenging, it actually is a very welcomed break.  I'm interested to see what I do when I'd normally be checking out or consuming.  I'm already struck by how it forces me to be more present, I can't just check out with a good book (as much as I'd love to).  The point is for me to create more. I'll let you know if I can make that happen.

My favorite pages thus far...

Do you think you could do a whole week of no reading?  I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

-Lish xoxoxoxo