Leadership Greensboro

Leaderhip Greensboro
Leaderhip Greensboro

For many years it was a dream of mine to go through the Leadership Greensboro Program.  I've always been curious about the program, what participants actually did, what they worked on, the volunteering aspect, the projects that sounded daunting.

Last year I finally begged my boss to let me participate.  It's a significant amount of time away from the office as well as a pretty big financial investment for your company if you participate.   Luckily I work for an amazing company and have an amazing and supportive manager who financed and approved my participation in the program.

This program is a lot of work, it's not a vacation by any sense of the imagination, it's a true learning experience.  You are asked to dig deep, not just show up, but get out of your comfort zone, share and participate.  Some of the activities required putting aside personal bias and opinions and opening my mind when I hadn't even realized it had been closed.   Leadership Greensboro taught me more about my community, and more about my individual leadership style.  As a group we definitely had a lot of fun while going through the program, but the part I loved the most was making new connections.  Making new friends fills me up, on the DISC leadership profile I learned that I'm an I.  I stands for someone who values relationships above most else (I don't think this is a surprise).  I now know 44 more people who are unique, interesting, inspiring, and committed to our city and ready to make a difference.

It was a privilege to participate in the program here in Greensboro.  If you are in Greensboro I highly recommend it.  If you are in another city contact your chamber of commerce to see if you have a program like it, it's well worth the time and energy!

Full Days Calm Mind

Will you help shape your city?  Just like everyone else my days are full to the brim.  Today is no exception, the odd difference is that I had to take a PTO day (Paid Time Off) from my job at Lincoln in order to get everything done today.  I've decided not to move aimlessly through my busy days, I will accomplish what needs to be done as mindfully and presently as possibly.

This full day started with my lovely bunch of yogis at 5:45am, an early morning class is one of the most perfect ways to start your day.  If you happen to be a morning person come try it and see how centered you are the rest of the day.

Then instead of rushing off to Lincoln Financial for a long 8 hour shift like I normally do on Tuesdays, I had the privilege of representing Greensboro Community Yoga at the Hospice and Palliative Care Center in Greensboro.

class schedule with a quote and bag of tea attached (hand crafted by moi), extra tea to take, and a sampling of all of the books we sell at the studio.

I was sharing information about the studio with their beautiful and caring nursing staff.  Hospice is AMAZING! I was glad to share information about the studio with them.  Very productive morning.

Then I was off to the next appointment of the day! Shape Your City Luncheon with Synergy!






We are a group of young people who want to make a difference and influence the city we live in.  We want to make things happen because we LOVE Greensboro.

Do you love Greensboro?

We were getting together to share ideas about what we want to stop happening in Greensboro, what we want to see continued and what we want to see start happening.  It was a neat sharing of ideas, I can't wait to see what grows out of this lunch.

100 of Greensboro young professionals who want to make a difference

Much more left to do as it is not yet 4:00pm, and as I move through my day I'm calling on my yoga and meditation practice to keep me centered and grounded.  I'll move through these activities with a calm mind that will keep me ready to take on the world, or maybe just these few tasks.  It helps that I've got a massage in less than an hour, self-care is just as important as everything else.

Sleepy Sunday and Weekend Love

IMG_1009 Some times I get to sleep in and take naps on the weekend, and sometimes I don't.  This is one of those weekends that I don't really get that luxury, but I've been able to do lots of other fantastic things.

Like volunteer at a 5k For Family Promise.

Checking people in at the race!

Talk to a good, dear old friend and make plans for a visit.

Have coffee with a another good friend and her beautiful son.

Teach a Sunday Morning Power Flow.

Run lots of errands.

Create special studio marketing pieces for the hospice wellness fair that I'll be attending on Tuesday.

Hand written quotes to go with Tea and  class schedule.

The finished product, I hope they like it!

Write Snail mail.


Now I think it's time to put letters in the mail, and get a mani and pedi:)

Weekly Wrap UP

IMG_0953 art journal pages

I decided I needed a little Budha in my life.

My new corner workspace

Babar is one of my all time favorite children's books!

What I see out my front door

Nugget was not being helpful.  She was being a big lazy bottom!

Big Train!

One of my favorite bloggers does a weekly recap of everything that she has accomplished during the week and her wish list for the weekend.  I love this idea as it give you the perspective on everything that you accomplished during the week as well what you would like to do for the weekend.  It's a way of reflecting on how you spent your time.  I think that I'll start sharing this with you each Friday as well. I hope that you will find it helpful.

Weekly Recap Cleaned/Organized my Room/Nested Penned 3 Blog posts Taught 6 Yoga Classes Monday-Sunday Attended a lovely informal dinner with a good friend Worked at Lincoln for 36 Hours 5 Personal yoga practice sessions minimum of 20 minutes each (just me and the mat gotta keep up the personal practice!) Researched Art Therapy Low Residency Program at the Pratt Institute Drafted the May Newsletter for the studio Planned a Special Friday Night Restorative class Pet sat Nugget the wonder dog Journaled oodles of pages Read The Travels of Babara while drinking a cup of tea Began reading Pema Chondron's Book The Wisdom of no Escape Printed Flyers to hang up around GSO for GCY Planned Friday Night's Meeting for Yoga Teachers and Staff at the GCY Researched a clothing Line to sell at the studio Eye Brow appointment (gotta keep up the self-care)

Weekend Wish List Host a Meeting for my yoga teachers and Staff Spend time meditating Take a Hike Finish the May Newsletter Take a Yoga Class Ride My Bike Go for a run Teach 1 Yoga Class Take a Nap Volunteer for the Family Promise 5k (I'm manning the registration booth!) join us if you are in the area

What's on your weekend wish list?  Did you get a lot accomplished this weekend?