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Weekly Wrap Up May 17th

I did it! I biked into work.  That's my cube and bike in the background!! My bike just hanging out in my cube!


Weekly Wrap Up

taught 8 yoga classes taught 2 private lessons penned Meaningful Monday penned Tidbit Tuesday Did a little Saturday Shopping at Boho Blue on State St. Cleaned the studio top to bottom Went to a little house warming party Saturday Night Biked to work and home on Friday :) Did a 9 mile solo hike around Lake Brandt Sunday night Sunday evening working on "Creative + Conscious Business e-course" Ran a total of 7.3 miles worked 45 hours at Lincoln Financial Attended the inspection on my Art's and Crafts style Bungalow in Westerwood Attended a little Birthday Party for a friend Sunday night worked on my rough draft of a presentation for something at Lincoln Finished reading "The Art of happiness" by the Dali Lama cuddled with and walked big train Dog sat the Beautiful Nugget

Weekend Wish List

Host a special art journaling evening for a few special ladies Saturday night. teach a  yoga class at Earthfare for their wellness day Saturday Afternoon work at Lincoln a few hours on Saturday morning for a special project go for a run Take a long hike take a nap, possibly in a hammock Sunday evening work on "Creative + Conscious Business e-course"

Bike to Work Week


It's May, bike Month.  Specifically this is bike to work week.  I want to bike to work tomorrow, we'll see if I can pull it off or not.  It won't be a far ride. About 3 miles I believe.  It will take a little planning on my part.  With the studio owning most of my free time it makes biking to work more tricky. I have not managed it since I opened the studio.  I've flirted with car free in what feels like a past life.  I may flirt with car free or car lite again. I'm in awe of you lovely people who have figured out how to take the plunge.  

very miss-matched cycling outfit, but hey it got the job done.
very miss-matched cycling outfit, but hey it got the job done.

Have you participated in bike to work week this week?  If not this week have you done it in the past?  What's stopping you from getting on your bike and riding away?  What's stopping you from freeing yourself from the car?  Do share how you've done it.  If you are brave share pictures of your commute! 

Enough is probably enough

Food Trucks Friday night at the pop up promenade It's Sunday morning, I've been up since around 5:30am not because I have to be anywhere, but because that's when my natural clock thinks it's time to be awake.

This weekend has been jammed packed with wonderful things.

Friday night was my first trip to the pop up promenade, have you been yet?  If not you really need to go.  Fun music playing, a beer garden, great people and yummy food.  Down town Greensboro is where it's at!!!

Hit the spot

Saturday Morning I cleaned the studio top to bottom, then I went out to teach a rock'in class at the Lululemon on State St.!!  Have you been over to their showroom yet?  If not seriously get over there.  Lululemon is fantastic for the yoga community in Greensboro, their cloths are perfect for yoga, running and riding and their staff collectively and individually are beyond AWESOME! Not to mention every saturday morning they have a free community class from 10-11am.  You can catch a class with a different teacher every week.

After teaching I popped into the shop next store to Lululemon (I can't remember its name, but please check them out!)  for a little shopping and I found these earrings with matching necklace...

Elephant earrings!!!

I cleaned my room and then I was off to teach a private lesson at the studio! After the lesson I grabbed a little dinner from the fresh market and made my way over to a house-warming party!  So fun.

This morning when I woke up I knew I was spent.  I suppose we really only do have so much energy and we need to be mindful of where we spend that energy.  Never the less, I loaded my bike into my car and carefully packed a water bottle, bike clothes and clothes to change into after the ride.  The plan was to ride with some lovely ladies from studio after my morning power flow class. I taught power flow, unloaded my bike, unloaded my clothes.  Changed into bike clothes only to realize I hadn't packed my bike shoes.

I've had a great weekend, but once again I feel like I've been run over by a mac truck and I took the missing bike shoes as a sign that enough was enough. I sent my friends on their way for what will probably be a fantastic ride on a gorgeous day.  Yes, I'm sure I'm missing an opportunity to get stronger on the bike. I'm missing an opportunity to spend time out in the sun on my bike and chat with friends.  All of that said I think everyone needs a day in sweats to do nothing.  Enough is enough and I'm taking a rest, bring on the sweat pants and possibly a beer or two :)

Getting Colder

The hardest part about getting up ungodly early in the morning during the week is that you wake up ungodly early on the weekend whether you like it or not.  You begin to hard wire your body for mornings.  That was the case this morning when I was wide awake at 4:45am on a Saturday, well before I actually needed to be moving around. What did this starving early bird do?

Yuppers! I went there.
Yuppers! I went there.

I ate this beast of a meal knowing that it was bitter cold outside (for May anyway), I had a big bike ride in my future  and there would be strong head winds.

Yes I ate it all.  Don't judge me.
Yes I ate it all. Don't judge me.

It was cold outside, and none of my friends were bailing on the "MS Gears and Cheers ride" I figured I couldn't either.  So we bundled up and headed to the grove winery in Gibbsonville.

This is before the hooded sweater shirt was determined to be a necessity.
This is before the hooded sweater shirt was determined to be a necessity.
Yes I wore the hooded sweat shirt the entire 22 miles, no this was not my first ride.
Yes I wore the hooded sweat shirt the entire 22 miles, no this was not my first ride.

This ride is a fund-raiser for MS research.  Great cause.  The ride was fantastic despite the cold, cloudy weather, threat of rain, and winds.  This ride actually had to be one of the most well-marked and supported courses I've ever ridden.

Not to mention when we got done there was this....

Wine glass with wine and LUNCH!
Wine glass with wine and LUNCH!

It seemed that the longer we were on the bike the colder it got, not sure if that was actually the case, but despite the weather it was a Seriously fantastic ride.  I was impressed.  How come there isn't more wine at the end of long rides?